When you think of Wellness, what comes to mind?

Wellness comes in different shapes, smells, colors and feelings for all of us. The official definition of wellness is “The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” It is more than receiving a clean bill of health from our doctor, but is the feeling of being alive.

The feeling of being alive.

The feeling of constantly pursuing our happiness and what we can bring to, not only ourselves, but those around us and potentially the world.

As humans, we all need the basics to feel our best, and it’s a goal we are always striving towards. It’s making sure we move our bodies a little every day, freeing up the stress and stiffness from within and releasing it. It’s eating the nutritious food that the earth provides us (fries are nutritious, right? I think so…) It’s getting good sleep, deep relaxation and our daily meditations.

We often get stuck in a cycle of going to work, coming home, and treating ourselves to items of temporary comfort. That bowl of ice cream, the over-processed foods, zoning out while scrolling through our favorite social media platforms until its time for bed. Even in our beds, half awake, we watch Netflix with one eye open to catch up on the latest episodes until it lulls us to sleep. That long awaited weekend finally shows up and we indulge more on what we think we deserve… without realizing, we’re not giving ourselves what we actually deserve.

Month after month, year after year, we notice we feel worse… and worse. The aches come on, the chronic exhaustion, and the more we indulge in what is not good for us, but makes us feel better for the time being.

We’re lethargic without doing much. We stay inside our homes for comfort, longing for friendship and community but, we want our peace. Time goes on and we feel less attached to the world around us. Depression sets in for some of us, a rut that is almost impossible to get out of.

My aim for this blog is to help not only myself, but others, onto the path of wellness. Onto the path of self-care, self-awareness, and self-love.

It takes tiny steps at a time, and we might fall off. We might revert back to binging on food and TV until we notice, we’re not feeling too great, and that’s okay. We all of our own “two steps forward, three steps back.” The point is to get back on our game, and that is where I hope to inspire and create community!

Let’s kick off this journey together!


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