How Do We Start Our Path To Wellness?

In my last blog post, we went over a brief description on what wellness means, and how neglecting our overall self can lead down a path of lethargy, depression and mundane weeks, months and years. What does wellness mean to you? It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be the most Instagram worthy image of wholeness, but it helps to have an idea of what it is that you wish for when it comes to your health and overall wellbeing.

We often push ourselves to give our all and our best to everyone except ourselves. We hold ourselves to high standards to do what we can for our friends, family, and colleagues. The responsibilities we push onto our name and image to everyone around us can do wonders for promotions, associations, even grades, but what does it do for us as a person? There’s only so much you can offer out of your own storages of happiness and fulfillment before you find yourself running on empty. How do we get back to feeling whole from the ground up?

We take it one step at a time, one day at a time.

We have look at our health as a whole and look at the bare basics. Are we drinking enough water every day? Are we eating the nutritious food to sustain ourselves and make us feel our best? Are we getting the rest we need, and the exercise we need to continue to succeed and function at our optimum pace?

Beyond the robotic functioning of working our standard 9-5’s, at the base of who we are, we are humans. Our bodies do what they can with what they’re given to function at their best and we often forget to take care of our bases. The last several months have been quite a jarring wakeup for most of us, and there’s many of us who have jumped onto the bandwagon of self care, being your best, and doing what you can to feel amazing. Anything to destress, recharge ourselves, and preform when otherwise we would be sitting in our houses waiting for the next news article of the day to terrify us into locking our doors and shutting down further. 

How to we stay on this path of wellbeing, wellness and health? We see this routine come and go every year, does it look familiar? “New Year, New Me” until February or March rolls around, and we give ourselves excuses to treat ourselves with less care than we deserve. We have one mess up, or take one day off (followed by several more days), we get sick, family emergencies… and next thing we know, we’re tired. We’re not feeling too great. Here comes the holidays, we overindulge and pardon ourselves with “the new year is coming up, I have ideas! I’ll stay committed this time!”

Everyone falls off, it’s not rational to think that nobody ever falls off their paths. The point is to start, and stay on. We don’t need “streaks” of weeks or months, but we need consistency. Our bodies, mentality and spirituality need and deserve consistency. YOU deserve consistency. So, how do we start? 

We make a plan. We execute that plan.

We stick to that plan, we fall off for a few days, then promise ourselves to try again. We get friends on board, we leave notes for ourselves. Eventually, it all becomes habit, a second nature that you can’t imagine your life without.

In our next post, we will focus on the bare basics of wellness, well being and self-love. Go into depth on the foundations of caring for ourselves from within, realizing our worth, and begin to create our plan. Keep in touch with me here, through instagram @wellness_served, and on Facebook! 

Until next time, friends!


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