Creating Community and Togetherness

One of the basics about us as humans is that we are very social creatures. Thousands of years ago, we stayed together in groups, formed our own societies and relied on each other for support, safety, food and families. As society has gone on, we’ve definitely massively increased our population, but more and more of us find ourselves to be rather lonely.

In western cultures, it’s normal for a child to move out when they’re 18 and to begin their own lives, whether that be career or college. Maybe our kids come back for a holiday here or there, or a birthday, but usually families don’t see each other daily. We have societies in the east who find themselves hyper focused on careers, and families and friends are pushed aside as we strive to do better at work and with our career, working long hours and leaving little time for even ourselves.

What happens with these decreases in community and family is we find ourselves lonely, depressed, and secluded. This can lead to us questioning our own self worth; questions of “am I good enough? Do people remember me? Is there something wrong with me?” Or even “There’s something wrong with everyone else…” It leads to a very toxic view of life, those we once called our close friends, and even complete strangers that we won’t give the time of day to. 

Everyone goes through periods where they want to be alone, but it is unhealthy to be completely alone for long periods of time. When was the last time we texted an old friend to meet up face to face instead of just texting and keeping it at that? When was the last time we explored a new place and had a conversation with a stranger? It’s not just good for us emotionally, but intellectually as well. There’s so much to learn and absorb from others that fuel us inside and out.

Take time to reach out to those you love, those you care about and maybe those you don’t know, like a new neighbor or a person you see sitting alone at a restaurant. Take time to see what people are up to, or invite them out to where you’re going! Some people love that sense of togetherness through the gift of volunteering, in which there are many options available to connect with your city! Community is great for our overall wellbeing, and important for us as a species! Who will you reach out to this upcoming weekend?

Take care, let’s get together in a couple of days and look deeper into our wellness journey!


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