Fulfilling Your Spiritual Needs

Spirituality means different things to every human being. When we talk about spirituality, we are not necessarily speaking about religion. Spirituality is concerning the human spirit, which is something most of us require to feel our overall wellness meter rise, even if we don’t find ourselves to be particularly “religious”.

While it’s quite a broad topic, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, even if it’s just a deeper, more meaningful connection to those around us. Some may find spirituality to be linked with their association to a religious building (think church, temple, mosque, etc), while others may find that it’s their personal relationship with their own beliefs. 

Whatever works for you and makes you feel connected is what’s best. Don’t believe you have to do what someone else tells you to do, this is YOUR journey with yourself! 

Some people get that connection through a higher being, is that something you’re interested in? Some find that the earth itself fulfills their needs, and spending time outside makes them feel rejuvenated and full of love and life. It’s entirely up to YOU as to what you do! How does this connect with our wellness?

Many people feel lost, depressed, confused and full of questions when they don’t feel that spiritual connection they desire. Whether it’s shame, bad past experiences, growing up with a certain belief that you eventually grew out of, it’s something to look back on every now and then. What do you feel pulls you to a deep level of understanding and love? If you’re entirely questioning where to go, I recommend reading up online about different religious beliefs. Maybe there’s a church, temple, mosque, or even just a bookstore nearby to spend some time at to get your questions answered. 

Something important I should put here, is your beliefs should never make you angry, hopeless or secluded from the world. If you explore and feel like you’re being forced to do what you don’t believe in, it’s time to move on! Do not entertain which does not support you, your wellness journey and your beliefs! 

Others maintain their level of spiritual wellness by connecting to the community around them. Supporting others by volunteering, giving, and helping is definitely something we all can do, even if it’s just five hours a week! It doesn’t have to be any organized religion (or beliefs in a higher power) that leads you to what fulfills you! Listen to your heart, your spirit, and you will end up right where you’ve always wanted to be!

Until next time, my friends!


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