Fulfilling Your Spiritual Needs

Spirituality means different things to every human being. When we talk about spirituality, we are not necessarily speaking about religion. Spirituality is concerning the human spirit, which is something most of us require to feel our overall wellness meter rise, even if we don’t find ourselves to be particularly “religious”.

While it’s quite a broad topic, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, even if it’s just a deeper, more meaningful connection to those around us. Some may find spirituality to be linked with their association to a religious building (think church, temple, mosque, etc), while others may find that it’s their personal relationship with their own beliefs. 

Whatever works for you and makes you feel connected is what’s best. Don’t believe you have to do what someone else tells you to do, this is YOUR journey with yourself! 

Some people get that connection through a higher being, is that something you’re interested in? Some find that the earth itself fulfills their needs, and spending time outside makes them feel rejuvenated and full of love and life. It’s entirely up to YOU as to what you do! How does this connect with our wellness?

Many people feel lost, depressed, confused and full of questions when they don’t feel that spiritual connection they desire. Whether it’s shame, bad past experiences, growing up with a certain belief that you eventually grew out of, it’s something to look back on every now and then. What do you feel pulls you to a deep level of understanding and love? If you’re entirely questioning where to go, I recommend reading up online about different religious beliefs. Maybe there’s a church, temple, mosque, or even just a bookstore nearby to spend some time at to get your questions answered. 

Something important I should put here, is your beliefs should never make you angry, hopeless or secluded from the world. If you explore and feel like you’re being forced to do what you don’t believe in, it’s time to move on! Do not entertain which does not support you, your wellness journey and your beliefs! 

Others maintain their level of spiritual wellness by connecting to the community around them. Supporting others by volunteering, giving, and helping is definitely something we all can do, even if it’s just five hours a week! It doesn’t have to be any organized religion (or beliefs in a higher power) that leads you to what fulfills you! Listen to your heart, your spirit, and you will end up right where you’ve always wanted to be!

Until next time, my friends!


Simple Steps To Begin Your Wellness Journey

We know we want better for ourselves. We want to wake up refreshed, float through our day without issue, and have our restful, peaceful nights. What steps do we take to get there?

It all depends on us as individuals, what our goals are, and where we are at in life. 

Some of us are light-years ahead, masters of our beings, effortlessly gliding throughout life as if we don’t have a care in the world. Almost as if we were born with it. Then there are those of us who can’t seem to find any desire to get out of bed, we drag our lethargic-selves to work (a cup of coffee, or six, in hand), fight our way through our days with anxiety, stress, and no ways of bringing ourselves back down to earth.

When it comes to starting our wellness paths, I suggest starting with a list. A goal in mind. What do we want out of our lives, and out of ourselves? Do we want to handle our stress better, do we want to be healthier with our food choices, or do we want to be that shining light in everyone’s lives? Sit down with a cup of tea, put some soothing music on, and think about what you truly want for yourself when it comes to your health. This about where you are now, and where you would like to be. 

I can give an example with myself. I tend to fall off with staying active, so that would be top of my list. I also struggle with anxiety and stress, so maybe setting aside 5 minutes a day to do some meditation will be next. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme. We don’t have to go from where we are now, to any influencer we might aspire to be within a week. Be gentle with yourself, and you’ll do great!

Some ideas to write down would be:

     1) Eating Healthier. Our bodies thrive off of nutrients given to us by the earth. When we eat overly processed foods, it slows our systems down and we tend to feel sluggish, not so connected with everything and everyone around us. Staying hydrated is under this category as well. We all know we are mostly made up of water but, how much emphasis do we put on maintaining that level?

2) Getting Good Rest. The general number we are given is to aim for 8 hours of sleep a night. Too much sleep can have the opposite effect, leaving us stiff and groggy, but too little sleep can have us falling asleep at our desks, or taking too many naps, leaving us struggling to get the rest of our work done.

3) Community. We are, as a species, social creatures. There are few of us who work well alone, and that’s absolutely fine! For the rest of us, lack of communication and community can leave us feeling empty, lonely, and sometimes depressed. Do we connect with those we consider friends as often as we’d like, even if it’s just a simple “hello!” text once a day?

4) Exercise. Don’t focus on doing a 5k (unless you really aim to!) Focus on moving your body a little each day. We are meant to be mobile creatures, and most of us find ourselves spending 6-10 hours a day sitting, usually in front of a monitor. Aches and pains come along with lack of physical activity, so jot down a few ideas of some forms of exercise that you would be interested in!

5) Spirituality. Not all of us are spiritual, but for those of us that are, a lack of connection with our spiritual side can leave us feeling empty and negative. Whether it’s mindfulness, meditation, going through our daily gratitude or praying, most of us have a desire to feel whole from our spiritual side. Write down what your spiritual goals are and what steps you would like to achieve those. If you’re not spiritual, jot down ideas on what you would like to do for your fellow humans. Is it volunteering, or offering your services for free to an elderly neighbor? The possibilities are endless in this aspect of life!

Of course, as we go on, I will be writing in detail on each of these topics, and touching on subjects not noted here. Start with these basics, your favorite journal, and take some time to think about what you really want from yourself in this life. Don’t put too much stress on it, just get an idea on where to start. Together, we’ll work through the steps, get more information on how to start our journey of wellness, self-care and self-love! Until next time, friends!


When you think of Wellness, what comes to mind?

Wellness comes in different shapes, smells, colors and feelings for all of us. The official definition of wellness is “The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” It is more than receiving a clean bill of health from our doctor, but is the feeling of being alive.

The feeling of being alive.

The feeling of constantly pursuing our happiness and what we can bring to, not only ourselves, but those around us and potentially the world.

As humans, we all need the basics to feel our best, and it’s a goal we are always striving towards. It’s making sure we move our bodies a little every day, freeing up the stress and stiffness from within and releasing it. It’s eating the nutritious food that the earth provides us (fries are nutritious, right? I think so…) It’s getting good sleep, deep relaxation and our daily meditations.

We often get stuck in a cycle of going to work, coming home, and treating ourselves to items of temporary comfort. That bowl of ice cream, the over-processed foods, zoning out while scrolling through our favorite social media platforms until its time for bed. Even in our beds, half awake, we watch Netflix with one eye open to catch up on the latest episodes until it lulls us to sleep. That long awaited weekend finally shows up and we indulge more on what we think we deserve… without realizing, we’re not giving ourselves what we actually deserve.

Month after month, year after year, we notice we feel worse… and worse. The aches come on, the chronic exhaustion, and the more we indulge in what is not good for us, but makes us feel better for the time being.

We’re lethargic without doing much. We stay inside our homes for comfort, longing for friendship and community but, we want our peace. Time goes on and we feel less attached to the world around us. Depression sets in for some of us, a rut that is almost impossible to get out of.

My aim for this blog is to help not only myself, but others, onto the path of wellness. Onto the path of self-care, self-awareness, and self-love.

It takes tiny steps at a time, and we might fall off. We might revert back to binging on food and TV until we notice, we’re not feeling too great, and that’s okay. We all of our own “two steps forward, three steps back.” The point is to get back on our game, and that is where I hope to inspire and create community!

Let’s kick off this journey together!