Exercising Your Way To Overall Health and Wellness

Exercising and health go hand in hand on any wellness journey. When we were younger, how many of us remember being limber, climbing trees, doing cartwheels across entire parking lots? Being able to play outside for hours on end, maybe days on end with a seemingly endless store of energy!

As we get older, many of us gradually become more and more sedentary. A sedentary lifestyle is not the same as physical inactivity, but is defined as a person who spends most of their waking hours sitting and lying around. The majority of us in the western world have sedentary jobs where we sit at a desk for our entire shifts, we come home to sit and watch TV or to chat with our family.

The less we exercise, the harder it is for us to have energy. I know that sounds backwards, but it’s true! It’s harder to stay awake when you’re routinely physically inactive, it’s harder for our bodies to function properly and our joints and muscles become stiff and achy. Lack of physical activity can also be a contributing factor to anxiety, cardiovascular disease, depression, migraines, and even several types of cancer. Health is wellness, and health is wealth, so we need to do what we can during our lives to maintain a good level of physical activity!

What is a recommended amount of exercise we should try to get per week, and how should we work out?

A basis is to get a little of exercise each day, even if it’s 30 minutes. You could walk around your neighborhood with your pets or family after dinner for 30 minutes, maybe you enjoy yoga, which can definitely be an exercise! Cycling is also a great exercise, and you can get lost cycling across town for much more than 30 minutes! 

We must make sure to ease into any new work out routine, and always make sure to check in with your doctor to see if you’re in a good state to start (your doctor might even have a good plan for you!) 

Easing into a new workout routine is beneficial to making the gradual change into making it a habit, but to also make sure we don’t get burned out too fast! Eventually, the endorphins will flow every time you start your routine, you’ll get fresh air and a good dose of vitamin D, or even connect with community like we talked about in our last post! The better we feel overall, the easier our days become, the deeper we can connect with ourselves and everyone around us, and feeling good is definitely a plus no matter what age we are!

I hope you all are enjoying these posts so far! What workout routines do you have? Leave them below, or connect with me on my other platforms to discuss! See you next time!