Exercising Your Way To Overall Health and Wellness

Exercising and health go hand in hand on any wellness journey. When we were younger, how many of us remember being limber, climbing trees, doing cartwheels across entire parking lots? Being able to play outside for hours on end, maybe days on end with a seemingly endless store of energy!

As we get older, many of us gradually become more and more sedentary. A sedentary lifestyle is not the same as physical inactivity, but is defined as a person who spends most of their waking hours sitting and lying around. The majority of us in the western world have sedentary jobs where we sit at a desk for our entire shifts, we come home to sit and watch TV or to chat with our family.

The less we exercise, the harder it is for us to have energy. I know that sounds backwards, but it’s true! It’s harder to stay awake when you’re routinely physically inactive, it’s harder for our bodies to function properly and our joints and muscles become stiff and achy. Lack of physical activity can also be a contributing factor to anxiety, cardiovascular disease, depression, migraines, and even several types of cancer. Health is wellness, and health is wealth, so we need to do what we can during our lives to maintain a good level of physical activity!

What is a recommended amount of exercise we should try to get per week, and how should we work out?

A basis is to get a little of exercise each day, even if it’s 30 minutes. You could walk around your neighborhood with your pets or family after dinner for 30 minutes, maybe you enjoy yoga, which can definitely be an exercise! Cycling is also a great exercise, and you can get lost cycling across town for much more than 30 minutes! 

We must make sure to ease into any new work out routine, and always make sure to check in with your doctor to see if you’re in a good state to start (your doctor might even have a good plan for you!) 

Easing into a new workout routine is beneficial to making the gradual change into making it a habit, but to also make sure we don’t get burned out too fast! Eventually, the endorphins will flow every time you start your routine, you’ll get fresh air and a good dose of vitamin D, or even connect with community like we talked about in our last post! The better we feel overall, the easier our days become, the deeper we can connect with ourselves and everyone around us, and feeling good is definitely a plus no matter what age we are!

I hope you all are enjoying these posts so far! What workout routines do you have? Leave them below, or connect with me on my other platforms to discuss! See you next time!


Creating Community and Togetherness

One of the basics about us as humans is that we are very social creatures. Thousands of years ago, we stayed together in groups, formed our own societies and relied on each other for support, safety, food and families. As society has gone on, we’ve definitely massively increased our population, but more and more of us find ourselves to be rather lonely.

In western cultures, it’s normal for a child to move out when they’re 18 and to begin their own lives, whether that be career or college. Maybe our kids come back for a holiday here or there, or a birthday, but usually families don’t see each other daily. We have societies in the east who find themselves hyper focused on careers, and families and friends are pushed aside as we strive to do better at work and with our career, working long hours and leaving little time for even ourselves.

What happens with these decreases in community and family is we find ourselves lonely, depressed, and secluded. This can lead to us questioning our own self worth; questions of “am I good enough? Do people remember me? Is there something wrong with me?” Or even “There’s something wrong with everyone else…” It leads to a very toxic view of life, those we once called our close friends, and even complete strangers that we won’t give the time of day to. 

Everyone goes through periods where they want to be alone, but it is unhealthy to be completely alone for long periods of time. When was the last time we texted an old friend to meet up face to face instead of just texting and keeping it at that? When was the last time we explored a new place and had a conversation with a stranger? It’s not just good for us emotionally, but intellectually as well. There’s so much to learn and absorb from others that fuel us inside and out.

Take time to reach out to those you love, those you care about and maybe those you don’t know, like a new neighbor or a person you see sitting alone at a restaurant. Take time to see what people are up to, or invite them out to where you’re going! Some people love that sense of togetherness through the gift of volunteering, in which there are many options available to connect with your city! Community is great for our overall wellbeing, and important for us as a species! Who will you reach out to this upcoming weekend?

Take care, let’s get together in a couple of days and look deeper into our wellness journey!


Eating Healthier On a Wellness Journey

Most of us in the USA remember the “Food Pyramid”, right? Eat a certain amount of this, certain amount of that, little amounts of this and you’ll feel your best. Or maybe, when we were growing up, we remember being told “You have to eat your veggies before you can have dessert!” Some of us would gobble the broccoli down without a second thought, but a good portion of us remember tearfully refusing, or maybe sliding some off to the family pet to make it look like the food was in fact eaten!

We got through our childhood and teenage years, maybe not eating the healthiest food, but eating tons of fortified foods to get us through long school days and long study nights. Chips, chugging back soda, maybe some of us ate cereal in the morning with some milk. Fortified foods do come with the basic nutrients that otherwise wouldn’t naturally occur in the foods we were eating, and they helped us get through.

The older we get, we either turn towards a healthier way of eating (or, maybe we lived that way as a teen and stuck to it), or perhaps we turned to the fast food joints for every dinner meal (sometimes lunch, too). Greasy, processed burgers and fries for the weekdays, then pizza during the weekends. Maybe a tub of ice cream along the way. When we eat what doesn’t suit out bodies we primarily notice the pounds and inches slowly forming around our waist, but beyond that, there’s physical damage to our internal being. Cholesterol goes up, blood pressure soars, and the risk of heart attack and strokes increase every year. 

“The major cardiometabolic diseases—heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes—pose substantial health and economic burdens on society”…“This study establishes the number of cardiometabolic deaths that can be linked to Americans’ eating habits, and the number is large…”, quoted from the NIH (cited below)

When we eat what is not good for us, not only do we suffer physically, but psychologically as well. If we are not eating the nutrients we need to sustain our bodies on the day-to-day basis, we suffer from lethargy, depression, anxiety and irritability. “You are what you eat” isn’t just an old saying, it’s reality. If you eat better, colorful and nutrient-dense food, you will glow from the inside out. Your diet is reflected onto not only your skin, weight and hair, but your attitude and how you manage every day stresses.

We don’t have to dive head first into one of those hip raw vegan diets (where you eat almost entirely raw foods), but we start small. Drastic changes can cause bloating, digestive issues, so if you’re just starting out, start small! The best steps to first take is cutting back on processed foods. A good way to know if what you’re eating is overly processed, is to get closer to the food source. If it’s in a box, can or bag, it’s usually processed to some extent. The closer you are to the true, original food, the better and more nutrient dense it is! Learning to cook yourself dinner even once or twice a week is a good start, and at least you’ll know where your food came from!

As we go on, I plan on adding more nutrient facts, and recipes that anyone can do at home! The wellness journey doesn’t have to be extreme when we first start, the point is that we start to begin with. I hope to see you all here again with my next post, and keep in touch! Thank you for reading!


Sources: https://www.nih.gov/news-events/nih-research-matters/how-dietary-factors-influence-disease-risk

How Do We Start Our Path To Wellness?

In my last blog post, we went over a brief description on what wellness means, and how neglecting our overall self can lead down a path of lethargy, depression and mundane weeks, months and years. What does wellness mean to you? It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be the most Instagram worthy image of wholeness, but it helps to have an idea of what it is that you wish for when it comes to your health and overall wellbeing.

We often push ourselves to give our all and our best to everyone except ourselves. We hold ourselves to high standards to do what we can for our friends, family, and colleagues. The responsibilities we push onto our name and image to everyone around us can do wonders for promotions, associations, even grades, but what does it do for us as a person? There’s only so much you can offer out of your own storages of happiness and fulfillment before you find yourself running on empty. How do we get back to feeling whole from the ground up?

We take it one step at a time, one day at a time.

We have look at our health as a whole and look at the bare basics. Are we drinking enough water every day? Are we eating the nutritious food to sustain ourselves and make us feel our best? Are we getting the rest we need, and the exercise we need to continue to succeed and function at our optimum pace?

Beyond the robotic functioning of working our standard 9-5’s, at the base of who we are, we are humans. Our bodies do what they can with what they’re given to function at their best and we often forget to take care of our bases. The last several months have been quite a jarring wakeup for most of us, and there’s many of us who have jumped onto the bandwagon of self care, being your best, and doing what you can to feel amazing. Anything to destress, recharge ourselves, and preform when otherwise we would be sitting in our houses waiting for the next news article of the day to terrify us into locking our doors and shutting down further. 

How to we stay on this path of wellbeing, wellness and health? We see this routine come and go every year, does it look familiar? “New Year, New Me” until February or March rolls around, and we give ourselves excuses to treat ourselves with less care than we deserve. We have one mess up, or take one day off (followed by several more days), we get sick, family emergencies… and next thing we know, we’re tired. We’re not feeling too great. Here comes the holidays, we overindulge and pardon ourselves with “the new year is coming up, I have ideas! I’ll stay committed this time!”

Everyone falls off, it’s not rational to think that nobody ever falls off their paths. The point is to start, and stay on. We don’t need “streaks” of weeks or months, but we need consistency. Our bodies, mentality and spirituality need and deserve consistency. YOU deserve consistency. So, how do we start? 

We make a plan. We execute that plan.

We stick to that plan, we fall off for a few days, then promise ourselves to try again. We get friends on board, we leave notes for ourselves. Eventually, it all becomes habit, a second nature that you can’t imagine your life without.

In our next post, we will focus on the bare basics of wellness, well being and self-love. Go into depth on the foundations of caring for ourselves from within, realizing our worth, and begin to create our plan. Keep in touch with me here, through instagram @wellness_served, and on Facebook! 

Until next time, friends!